Wish list

Wish list
Oct 04, 2021

Christmas Gift Registry

Christmas is coming up, and what better way of organising your family’s wish lists but by creating a gift registry. But you are probably wondering, isn’t a gift registry for weddings, baby showers, and those special events only? Well, not anymore. White Bow can help. White Bow Gift Registry is a web app and IOS […]

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Mar 15, 2021

Mother’s Day Wish List

Are you tired of getting the wrong gift every time? Have you tried to be subtle and have given hints on what you want for a gift but to no avail? Sad to say, but sometimes kids (and their dad) have no idea what their Mums really want. They also don’t know their mother’s size, […]

Wish list
Feb 01, 2021

Gift Registry for a Birthday Party

Why create a gift registry for a birthday party? Picture this. Your kiddo loves all things Lego and decides on a Lego themed party.  Your kiddo has so many Lego sets but still wants more. Listing a wish list with White Bow Gift Registry will enable your kiddo to get the exact set they want […]

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Jan 15, 2021

Valentine Wishing

Are you Valentine wishing and have had enough of getting the wrong gifts? I used to work with a girl who used to display a photo of her desired jewellery on her desk whenever her boyfriend was going to pick her up. She wanted to ensure not to get the wrong gift and she had […]

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Jan 01, 2021

5 Things to do with Unwanted Gifts

Here are the 5 tips on what to do with unwanted gifts. Perhaps you received gifts this holiday which you did not wish for? Did you get duplicated gifts and you were wondering what to do with the extra gift? Maybe you are thinking of regifting? I personally do not like regifting.  I have heard […]

Wish list
Aug 15, 2020

Create a gift registry

It is easy to create a wish list with White Bow Gift Registry.  It is an IOS and web app that lets you create a gift registry for any type of event, such as birthday, baby shower, wedding, Christmas, etc. The app enables users to collate a wish list from any store. You can put […]