• About White Bow Gift Registry

    White Bow Gift Registry is an online gift registry that allows you to create a wish list from any store. You can create your wish list by doing web searches, or you can manually add custom gifts such as gift cards and cash on your list. You can share your wish list with your event’s guests by giving them a unique event code or as a link via email, mobile or social media. This app also allows tracking of purchases. When guests have purchased an item from the gift registry, they can easily mark it as “purchased” on the app. The wish list can be sorted to show non purchased gifts and desirability, making it easy for guests to know what to purchase.

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    This app is easy to use.

    An event organiser can create a wish list from any store using the app or website. You can state your likes and dislikes, your size, the quantity of an item and desirability of a gift.

    Once your wish list is created, you can share it with friends by email, mobile, social media or by sharing your event code, which can be written on a paper invitation.

    When a gift has been purchased, the purchaser can mark it as “Purchased,” therefore eliminating duplication.

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