Craft activities
May 29, 2021

Free Printable for Father’s Day Card

We have two pages of free printables to make a homemade Father’s Day card. One page is a colouring-in page, that kids can put their stamp of creativity by colouring in the images they like. The other page is a coloured page that kids can just cut and paste. Once kids have selected the images […]

Feb 28, 2021

Unicorn with Fan Wings

Download our PDF Unicorn template to create this Unicorn with Fan Wings craft. Kids will be using their scissors, colouring and folding skills with this activity. These skills are good for developing kids’ fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. This is also ideal for a unicorn theme party. If you want other unicorn party ideas, […]

Jan 22, 2021

Jumping Heart Valentine’s Card

This is a simple card craft that kids can make. This card idea is not limited to Valentine’s Day. You can also use this for Mother’s Day or Father’s Day. Create a card featuring a “jumping” heart by using a paper spring. For young kids, use their handprint to personalise the card. Glue it on […]

Dec 21, 2020

Christmas Baubles DIY

Make Christmas baubles DIY using paper mache. You will need about 2 to 3 days for this whole project to complete. We used water balloons for these as they are small but you can also use normal size balloons. Just pump the balloons up the size of normal baubles. Tear small strips of paper and […]

Nov 20, 2020

Turkey Thanksgiving Craft

Our Turkey Thanksgiving craft is an easy craft activity for kids. All you need are paper, yoghurt container, scissors, sticky tape and glue. For the body, you can also use other types of tubes such as toilet paper roll or chips container. For the eyes, we used a hole puncher so they are perfectly round […]

Nov 12, 2020

Christmas Pinata

Here is a Christmas pinata made from upcycled paper bag or food delivery bag. What you need: Paper bag or food delivery bag Crepe or tissue paper Glue To make the Christmas tree design, we first drew a Christmas tree on copy paper and cut the outline. Then we cut up crepe paper into small […]

Nov 02, 2020

Card Box Holder

Here is a card box holder idea that you can make using a tissue box and gift wrapping. It is an easy recycling craft and a good way of upcycling a tissue box. This craft idea is also a good way of keeping all the card templates we have been sharing on our blogs. Instructions […]

Oct 10, 2020

Pop up Ghosts

This Pop up Ghosts Halloween craft uses paper springs to give an illusion that ghosts pop up or spring out. To make this craft, you only need copy paper, a pen or marker and an envelope. Draw a ghost on a copy paper and stick the drawing on a paper spring. To make the paper […]

Oct 02, 2020

Halloween Pumpkin Craft

This Halloween pumpkin craft makes use of used yoghurt containers. Then draw pumpkin-shaped faces on them. I found that kids enjoyed peeling off the label on the yoghurt containers, which was part of the fun of doing this craft. Materials: Yoghurt containers Paper – use orange or white Crayons Markers Scissors Sticky tape Steps: Peel […]

Sep 27, 2020

Card Template “Thinking of You”

Card template to show you are thinking of them. This is an ideal kids craft. Make this card and send it to someone dear to you. Let them know you are thinking of them. Get your kids to colour in the designs for a personalised effect, and give to their grandparents. If your child is […]