Gift Registry for a Birthday Party

Gift Registry for a Birthday Party

Last Updated on November 28, 2021 by White Bow

Why create a gift registry for a birthday party? Picture this. Your kiddo loves all things Lego and decides on a Lego-themed party.  Your kiddo has so many Lego sets already but still wants more. Creating a wish list with White Bow Gift Registry will enable your kiddo to get the exact set they want and avoid duplication. You can specify the merchandise they want, plus other gift items your child desires.

A gift registry would also be ideal for book lovers. You might have read our previous blog 5 Things to do with Unwanted Gifts, and one type of item that is hard not to regift is books. It is something that you cannot keep as spare at home. Also, books these days come in a series. So, if your child is following a certain series and wants the next title, do add that specific book on their gift registry.

Following are the benefits of having a gift registry for a birthday party:

  • Having a gift registry will help your guests know what to purchase for your child. Your guests do not have to guess and waste time and money on unwanted gifts.
  • It is easy to send the gift registry link to the guests through email, phone text, or social media. Alternatively, you can write the unique event code on the invitation.
  • The app lets guests purchase gifts from any store they want.
  • Avoid duplication! When a guest has purchased an item from the gift registry, they can mark the quantity they purchased. If the guest marked a quantity greater than what you specified, the app will let them know that quantity has been exceeded.
  • At the end of the event, you can check your child’s gift registry under “Archived Events” and you will be able to see who purchased the gifts. That way, you have a record of which guest bought which gift. This will help with thanking your guests for the gift they purchased.

So, make gift buying easy with White Bow Gift Registry and download the IOS app or use the web version of the app on your desktop or Android device, and create a gift registry now.



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