Birthday Wishlist

Birthday Wishlist

Last Updated on November 16, 2022 by White Bow

Creating a birthday wish list and sharing it with guests should be part of the birthday process. Having a wish list eliminates wasteful gifting. It benefits the birthday celebrant and the guests. A birthday wish list gives the guests an idea of what to get the celebrant. Knowing what to shop for saves time and money.

Celebrating one’s birthday is a good way of making someone feel special. But many people are put off celebrating birthdays because of all the trouble of organising a party. Then they end up with a lot of redundant gifts. For gift shoppers, buying gifts is always challenging. They invest time and money and want the birthday celebrant to appreciate the gift they got and the effort to get the gift. So if you are organising a party, you are doing your guests a favour by letting them know what gifts to get you.

How to Create a Birthday Wish List

You can create a wish list by accessing the White Bow Gift Registry app on the Apple Store or our website. We are not affiliated with any store, so when you create a wish list with our app, you can add gift lists from any store. You can create a wish list by searching for gifts online, manually uploading a photo, or typing the items, such as a request for cash or gift cards.

You can set the quantity per gift item with our app.  When purchasers buy an item on your wish list, they can mark their purchase quantity. This functionality prevents gifts from being duplicated. When the nominated quantity has been reached, the app won’t let others select the quantity anymore. For example, if you want four blue shirts, you can select a quantity of four.

Another great functionality of this app is the Unique Id. Creating a wish list for an event generates a Unique Id that identifies your wish list. You can share the Unique Id through email, mobile phone message or social media such as Messenger or Whatsapp or written on the invitation. Check our invitation templates for ideas on how to give notice to your wish list.  Only people with this Unique Id can access your wish list. And if you think someone has gained access to your wish list without your approval, you can block them from accessing it.

White Bow Gift Registry is available for free for a year. Try now by creating a wish list using the web browser or IOS app.

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