Craft activities
Sep 19, 2020

Bookmarks made from tissue box and washi tape

It’s easy to make these bookmarks made from a tissue box. No need to use a laminator as the box gives stability to the bookmark. Use washi tape to decorate them. Materials: Tissue Box or cake mix box etc Washi tapes Stickers Ribbon Equipment: Scissors Pencil Ruler Hole puncher Instructions: 1. Cut the tissue box […]

Sep 14, 2020

Free Printable for a card for Grandparents

Free Printable for a card for Grandparents. Get your child to colour in the images, cut them out and glue on onto a blank copy paper. This is an ideal isolation craft project for kids that will benefit grandparents.  This will also help your kids and their grandparents connect. All you need are paper, glue, […]

Sep 12, 2020

Money bank made from yoghurt container

Money bank made from yoghurt container is a great way of doing craft with kids and motivating them to save their money. If you eat a lot of yoghurt then you will have a steady supply of yoghurt containers. How about use them to make a money bank? Not only will you be recycling your […]

Sep 08, 2020

Free Printable for Homemade Birthday Card

Free Printable for Birthday Card download. Birthday printables that you can use to create a birthday card. Other materials you need are blank copy paper or card stock paper, scissors, glue and pens. This is an easy project that young kids can do – get them to cut the images and words, apply glue and […]

Sep 04, 2020

Dad is a Superstar card template

Free printable Dad is a superstar card template.  This is an A4 page size. When you download the card template, scroll down as the graphics are at the bottom of the page. Fold in the middle and use as a card.  Get your child to colour in the stars for a personal touch. You can also […]

Clay Craft
May 21, 2020

Shopkins Clay – Ball and Bagel

Inspire your kids to make clay projects by using Shopkins characters Ball and Bagel. We had Shopkins Ball and Bagel lying around at home and we decided to copy them and turn them into clay creations using plasticine. Kids can use their toys as models, just like we did here.  Plasticine is ideal for older […]

May 02, 2020

Easy DIY Card Printable

Easy DIY Card printable is an idea for making a personalised card that even a toddler can do. Purchase some A4 or Letter-size card stock paper or copy paper. Fold the paper in half and cut it into half to look like a card. Print the downloadable PDF file Printable for Easy DIY Card or Coloured Printable.  […]