Christmas Pinata

Christmas Pinata

Last Updated on November 28, 2021 by White Bow

Here is a Christmas pinata made from upcycled paper bag or food delivery bag.

What you need:
Paper bag or food delivery bag
Crepe or tissue paper

To make the Christmas tree design, we first drew a Christmas tree on copy paper and cut the outline. Then we cut up crepe paper into small squares. We rolled the crepe paper, applied glue, and stuck it on the copy paper. When the Christmas tree has been covered with crepe paper, stick the Christmas tree on the paper bag with glue or staple it.

To make the Stocking design, we drew the stocking on copy paper. Drawing the stocking is quite easy. It is similar to drawing a letter “J.” Then we decorated the stocking like the way we decorated theĀ  Christmas tree above.

Next is to make paper frills. Use the paper frills to decorate the paper bag so it looks like a pinata. To make paper frills, cut long strips of tissue paper, about 2-inch high. Take a strip of paper and cut frills halfway up the strip of paper. Stick the frills on the bag with glue.

We also made a mistletoe wreath design. To make the mistletoe, we used a paper plate. We folded the paper plate in half and cut the middle part off. Then we decorated the plate with crepe paper. We cut up the crepe paper into squares, rolled these, then stuck them on the paper plate with glue. We added more decorations by sticking on some pom-poms and ribbon. Finally, we attached the mistletoe wreath to the paper bag by stapling it. You can also use glue instead.

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Video of Pinata Made from Paper Bag


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