Unicorn Party Theme

Unicorn Party Theme

Last Updated on June 25, 2022 by White Bow

Are you organising a birthday party? We have unicorn party theme ideas for a child who loves unicorns. We have free invitation templates, games, crafts, and gift registry solution.

Gift Registry

Avoid waste by creating a wish list for your child.  There are many benefits to using White Bow Gift Registry. You can create your wish lists using any store. You can include cash and gift cards on your wish list.  The app prevents duplicated gifts as gift shoppers can mark on the app what they have purchased. The app allows you to state your size and colour. When you create a wish list with White Bow, the app generates a “Unique ID”.  The Unique ID can be shared with your guests through email, phone text or social media like Watsapp or Messenger.  You can also write the Unique ID on a paper invitation.  You can create your wish lists by downloading the IOS app or accessing it on your web browser. Try White Bow. It is free for a year!

Invitation Template

Download for free our Pink Unicorn Invitation template. Check our other invitation template, Unicorn with Rainbow Invitation.


Pin the Tail on the Unicorn is a fun game to have at a Unicorn themed birthday party. You can download this Unicorn Pin the Tail template and the Unicorn Tails, or copy this unicorn and draw on a bigger paper if you want.

Pinata is a fun game to play at a birthday party. You can create your pinata and use pastel colours to decorate the pinata, or staple a unicorn image. You can make a rainbow pinata like the photo at the end of this blog.  We made the rainbow by scrunching crepe paper and sticking them on a recycled paper bag. We decorated the rest of the bag by ripping coloured paper and sticking them on the bag. Making this pinata would be an activity you and your child could do.


Make some popup cards using this downloadable Unicorn Images for Craft template. You can use a paper spring to make the unicorn popup or give it a 3D effect. Another fun and easy unicorn craft you can do is Unicorn with Fan Wings.

Unicorn printable

Unicorn printable
Unicorn printable for making cards and craft

DIY Rainbow Pinata

DIY Rainbow Pinata


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