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Aug 22, 2021

Unicorn Party Theme

We have unicorn party theme ideas for a child who loves unicorns. We have free invitation templates, ideas for games and crafts. Download for free our Pink Unicorn Invitation template. Check our other invitation template, Unicorn with Rainbow Invitation. Pin the Tail on the Unicorn is a fun game to have at a Unicorn themed birthday […]

Apr 10, 2021

DIY Pinata

This DIY Pinata is super easy to make. We used a paper bag, crepe paper and glue. For this project, we recycled a food delivery paper bag.  We then decorated it with paper frills using tissue paper or crepe paper and stuck it with glue on the paper bag. Then, fill it with lollies or […]

Sep 25, 2020

Pass the Parcel with a Twist

Here is a twist to the popular party game, Pass the Parcel. In case you didn’t know how to play Pass the Parcel, this is how it goes: Start with wrapping a parcel or gift and then keep on adding a layer of wrapping paper until you have several layers or a reasonably sized parcel. […]