DIY Pinata

DIY Pinata

Last Updated on March 12, 2022 by White Bow

This DIY Pinata is super easy to make. We used a paper bag, crepe paper and glue. For this project, we recycled a food delivery paper bag.  We then decorated it with paper frills using tissue paper or crepe paper and stuck it with glue on the paper bag. Then, fill it with lollies or candies and other party giveaways such as stationery like erasers and pens or little toys like yoyos, slinkies etc.

If you have a theme and cannot find a pinata appropriate for it, get a picture of it with that theme and stick it on the bag. Say if your child loves a character from Roblox, get a picture of it. Or use your child’s favourite colour. Our pink pinata only cost us the crepe paper, $2. You can also tear coloured copy paper in place of crepe paper. Check our Rainbow Pinata.

For a Superhero themed party, you can use this downloadable PDF Kapow banner.  You can also use this Kapow banner as decoration at your party. For more Superhero party ideas, check our other blog Superhero Invitation Template.

Watch our Video on How to Make a Pinata

DIY Bat Pinata
DIY Batman Pinata

You can use our DIY Bat Pinata for a Batman themed party or Halloween. We created the wings using cardboard and wrapped them in tissue/crepe paper. You can add frills to it or cover the cardboard with paper. We attached the wings using a stapler. You can then add eyes and a mouth using white copy paper and stick it on with glue.

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