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White Bow

Nov 20, 2020

Turkey Thanksgiving Craft

Our Turkey Thanksgiving craft is an easy craft activity for kids. All you need are paper, yoghurt container, scissors, sticky tape and glue. For the body, you can also use other types of tubes such as toilet paper roll or chips container. For the eyes, we used a hole puncher so they are perfectly round […]

Nov 12, 2020

Christmas Pinata

Here is a Christmas pinata made from upcycled paper bag or food delivery bag. What you need: Paper bag or food delivery bag Crepe or tissue paper Glue To make the Christmas tree design, we first drew a Christmas tree on copy paper and cut the outline. Then we cut up crepe paper into small […]

Nov 02, 2020

Card Box Holder

Here is a card box holder idea that you can make using a tissue box and gift wrapping. It is an easy recycling craft and a good way of upcycling a tissue box. This craft idea is also a good way of keeping all the card templates we have been sharing on our blogs. Instructions […]

Sep 19, 2020

Bookmarks made from tissue box and washi tape

It’s easy to make these bookmarks made from a tissue box. No need to use a laminator as the box gives stability to the bookmark. Use washi tape to decorate them. Materials: Tissue Box or cake mix box etc Washi tapes Stickers Ribbon Equipment: Scissors Pencil Ruler Hole puncher Instructions: 1. Cut the tissue box […]

Sep 12, 2020

Money bank made from yoghurt container

Money bank made from yoghurt container is a great way of doing craft with kids and motivating them to save their money. If you eat a lot of yoghurt then you will have a steady supply of yoghurt containers. How about use them to make a money bank? Not only will you be recycling your […]