Money bank made from yoghurt container

Money bank made from yoghurt container

Last Updated on June 27, 2021 by White Bow

Money bank made from yoghurt container is a great way of doing craft with kids and motivating them to save their money.

If you eat a lot of yoghurt then you will have a steady supply of yoghurt containers. How about use them to make a money bank? Not only will you be recycling your yoghurt containers but you will be teaching your child about saving their pocket money too. You can also use this activity for a craft party.

Yoghurt container
Tissue paper or crepe paper
PVC Glue
Paper, pen, marker and sticky tape

• To cut the hole to put the coins through, cut the lid with kitchen scissors. Make sure the hole is big enough for the coins to fit through.
• Tear the tissue paper, crumple the paper, or form it into a ball and stick it on the container with glue.
• Use the paper to write the child’s name or what they will use the container for, for example, Save, Spend or Charity. Stick this on the container using glue or sticky tape.

Video on how to upcycle yoghurt containers to money bank

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