Pass the Parcel with a Twist

Pass the Parcel with a Twist

Last Updated on November 27, 2021 by White Bow

Here is a twist to the popular party game, Pass the Parcel. In case you didn’t know how to play Pass the Parcel, this is how it goes:

Start with wrapping a parcel or gift and then keep on adding a layer of wrapping paper until you have several layers or a reasonably sized parcel. Here is a video of how to wrap the parcel. At the party, get everyone to sit in a circle. Start the game by giving the gift or parcel to the birthday celebrant. When the music starts, the birthday celebrant passes it on to the next person, and then everyone in the circle keeps on passing the parcel until the music stops. Whoever the parcel ends up with when the music stops, has to unwrap the parcel. Continue playing until there are no more layers to unwrap.

Whenever I am running Pass the Parcel, I add a twist to this game to add an element of surprise. Between each layer of wrapping, I include a piece of chocolate or candy and a challenging task that the child has to perform. Sometimes I skip giving a challenging task so it is more unpredictable. You can come up with tasks for kids to perform or just click on the downloadable files below. I have a version for toddlers or preschoolers too.

Pass the Parcel with a Twist Challenge List

Pass the parcel for Toddlers or Preschoolers

Pass the parcel for Christmas

If you are in a rush and do not have time to wrap a parcel, you can use a tissue box and wrap it in wrapping paper, washi tape or decorative masking tape.

Cheats Pass the Parcel
Cheats Pass the Parcel



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