White Bow

Oct 10, 2020

Pop up Ghosts

This Pop up Ghosts Halloween craft uses paper springs to give an illusion that ghosts pop up or spring out. To make this craft, you only need copy paper, a pen or marker and an envelope. Draw a ghost on a copy paper and stick the drawing on a paper spring. To make the paper […]

Oct 02, 2020

Halloween Pumpkin Craft

This Halloween pumpkin craft makes use of used yoghurt containers. Then draw pumpkin-shaped faces on them. I found that kids enjoyed peeling off the label on the yoghurt containers, which was part of the fun of doing this craft. Materials: Yoghurt containers Paper – use orange or white Crayons Markers Scissors Sticky tape Steps: Peel […]

Sep 19, 2020

Bookmarks made from tissue box and washi tape

It’s easy to make these bookmarks made from a tissue box. No need to use a laminator as the box gives stability to the bookmark. Use washi tape to decorate them. Materials: Tissue Box or cake mix box etc Washi tapes Stickers Ribbon Equipment: Scissors Pencil Ruler Hole puncher Instructions: 1. Cut the tissue box […]

Sep 12, 2020

Money bank made from yoghurt container

Money bank made from yoghurt container is a great way of doing craft with kids and motivating them to save their money. If you eat a lot of yoghurt then you will have a steady supply of yoghurt containers. How about use them to make a money bank? Not only will you be recycling your […]

May 02, 2020

Easy DIY Card Printable

Easy DIY Card printable is an idea for making a personalised card that even a toddler can do. Purchase some A4 or Letter-size card stock paper or copy paper. Fold the paper in half and cut it into half to look like a card. Print the downloadable PDF file Printable for Easy DIY Card or Coloured Printable.  […]

Guide to the Types of Clay

Check our collection of Pokemon characters made of modelling clay. Watch Pokemon art. Hope this will inspire you to create your own models using clay. Here is a guide to the types of clay available. This will explain the differences between playdough, modelling clay and air-dry clay. This will help you choose which type of […]