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Mar 13, 2022

Birthday Wishlist

Celebrating one’s birthday is a good way of making someone feel special. But many people are put off celebrating birthdays because of all the trouble of organising a party. Then they end up with a lot of redundant gifts. White Bow Gift Registry can help you eliminate wasteful gifting. The idea for White Bow Gift […]

Oct 04, 2021

Christmas Gift Registry

Christmas is coming up, and what better way of organising your family’s wish lists but by creating a gift registry. But you are probably wondering, isn’t a gift registry for weddings, baby showers, and those special events only? Well, not anymore. White Bow can help. White Bow Gift Registry is a web app and IOS […]

Nov 09, 2020

Free Card Templates and Easy Craft Projects

Thank you for checking our site. Hope you enjoy our free templates and easy craft projects. We hope that our free card templates will help you cheer someone else’s day. Our card templates and craft projects are easy and practical, suitable for kids.  We have blank card templates that you can download and print and […]