Floral Invitation Templates

Floral Invitation Templates

Last Updated on November 27, 2021 by White Bow

Gorgeous floral invitation templates are available to download for free. There are four templates to choose from. You can use these invitations for any event or party. These invitations are versatile. You can also use it for a bridal shower, an anniversary party, or a birthday party. If you are having a baby shower and you want to give a hint at the gender of your baby, you can use the blue template or the pink template. And if you want the gender of your baby a surprise, you can use the green template.

These invitation templates include a section for a gift registry. When you create your wish list with White Bow Gift Registry, it generates a Unique ID. This lets your guests access your gift registry. White Bow is not affiliated with any store, so you can add wish lists from any store. You can also include gift cards, cash, your likes, and dislikes, which will help avoid redundant gifts. White Bow Gift Registry is a web app and IOS app. The app lets you avoid duplicated gifts as it allows gift buyers to enter the quantity they have bought. It is easy to use White Bow Gift Registry. Download the IOS app now or access the web app here. It is free to use for a year.

Green Invitation Template

Pink Invitation Template

Blue Invitation Template

Floral bouquet invitation


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