White Bow

Jul 29, 2020

Change event details

To make changes to event details on the IOS App: Click Edit Event – you can add your own photo as banner and change any of the fields, as long as this is before the Date and Time specified on your event.

Jan 21, 2020

Join a gift registry

There are two ways of joining a gift registry: Via Invitation as a link. If you are a first time app user: just click on the link and sign up by providing your Full Name, Email, Phone Number (optional) or link via Facebook. If you are already a White Bow Gift Registry user, the Gift […]

Dec 12, 2019

Create a gift list

You have two ways of creating a gift list: Custom gift – mandatory fields that need to be populated are item description and quantity. Optional fields are Price, Size and store’s name. If you don’t change the gift’s desirability, default is No Preference. You can also add a photo as an image. Web search – […]

Create an event

Mandatory fields need to be completed to create an event. Mandatory fields are: Name of the wish list, name of the celebrant, date and time of the event Optional fields: Location, Likes and Dislikes More info – you can enter additional information here relating to your event You can also add a photo and use […]

Sharing your gift registry

There are two ways of sharing your gift registry: Unique ID – you will find this under the Event’s “Details” page. Use the Unique ID to share with your friends. This can be written on paper invitation too. Share the link – on the details page, under Guest List, click Manage and the plus sign. […]