Information required to create a wish list

Following are the fields that appear on the app and their uses:

  • Name of wish list – enter here a meaningful description so when invitation is sent through the app, your friends can recognise what the wish list is about. Best to enter the name of the Celebrant and the event title eg Sam’s 10th birthday party
  • More info – you can enter any information relating to your event eg surprise party, costume party, slumber party, etc
  • Date – enter here the date of your event. This is a mandatory field. After this date you cannot amend the event details.
  • Time – enter here the time of your event. This is mandatory. After this time you cannot amend the event details.
  • Celebrant information – name of the Celebrant. You can create a wish list for someone else eg you are the parent and this wish list is for your child. This way, a parent can control the gift registry.
  • Likes – enter the celebrant’s likes to help guests know what they like eg the colour they like, activities they like, stores they love
  • Dislikes – enter celebrant’s dislikes to help guest know what they do not like